In order to install and use the template in Visual Studio follow these steps:
  • Install Nuget Package Manager extension in Visual Studio.
Note: If you already have the extension installed in Visual Studio it could be necessary to update it (you will get an error message if the version installed is not compatible).
  • Register in the GAC the assembly CompositeMvcWizard.dll : run Visual studio Command Prompt as administrator and type gacutil.exe -i <your local dll path>\CompositeMvcWizard.dll.
  • Copy under Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates.
  • Start a new instance of Visual Studio and create a new project. You should see under Visual C# group a template with name "Composite MVC 4 Web Application", use it to create your new solution.
Note: Windows has a maximum path length limitation of 260 characters and Composite on which your project is based, has already deep folder paths, if you create the project in a deep path as well some files could not be picked up correctly by your solution.

Some documentation about Visual Studio templates and their implementation can be found here:

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